About the Rowland Brothers Exhumations team

Award-winning Rowland Brothers Exhumations specialist exhumation division, which provides exhumations, re-interments, cremations and memorial services nationwide.

Our aim is to deliver good quality personal exhumation services. Our long-serving and professional team maintains a high degree of respect and sensitivity – especially when dealing with families.

We recognise that different situations have unique challenges and requirements. Consequently, each team member has specific knowledge and expertise and is able to offer a pro-active and holistic approach to all circumstances. Our policy of recruiting and training the most suitable staff has been an important factor in our success over many years.

Our experienced staff are trained to undertake exhumations in a sympathetic manner with minimum distress to those affected. With many years experience in this field, we have arranged numerous exhumations.

Rowland Brothers works closely with both religious and government bodies in the UK and overseas. Liaison with the environmental health officer and the Health and Safety executive are important aspects of this work.

Through our exhumation service, we have repatriated many loved ones to their homeland, helping to bring peace of mind and closure to their families.

An image of Tony Rowland, senior partner of Rowland Brothers.

Tony Rowland

FD Dip – Senior Partner

Tony started his career at Rowland Brothers in 1956 and is now one of the UK’s most experienced Funeral Directors. Tony founded both the Exhumation & International departments in the 1970’s when he arranged for a French Countess to exhumed and repatriated to her native country. Both departments are now recognised for their service excellence by many institutions such as the Home Office, the Foreign Office, the United Nations, Ministry of Defence, a myriad of Insurance & Assistance companies, a worldwide network of Funeral Directors and all of London’s Embassies & Consulates.

A portrait of Stephen Rowland, managing director of Rowland Brothers.

Stephen Rowland 

BSc Bus.Hons, FD Dip. – Managing Director

Steve obtained his Business Degree at Buckingham University in 1987 and began his career at Rowland Brothers, working through all departments, including exhumation, before succeeding his father as Managing Partner.  Under Steve’s management, the company has developed considerably and he is now focussing on cementing Rowland Brothers Exhumation Services position as the UK’s premier exhumation specialist.

image of dave collins for rbexhumations meet the team

Dave Collins

Managing Supervisor

Dave’s experience encompasses 14 years funeral direction in a multi-cultural local community. Over the past ten years, he has co-ordinated single and multiple exhumation arrangements, working alongside local authorities

An image of Michael A Gill, special projects manager at Rowland Brothers.


Special Projects Manager

Michael joined Rowland Brothers in 2013 with nearly 30 years experience within the funeral profession. Formally the General Manager of Kenyon Air Transportation, Michael was responsible for the repatriation of MOD service personnel deployed to theatre and was himself deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan and Kosovo on numerous occasions. Michael’s experience of exhumation services includes a number of high profile cases, including: Victor Frederick Cochrane Hervey – 6th Marquis of Bristol; Hipolito da Costa – first Brazilian Consul to the Court of St. James & ‘Father of Brazilian Press;’  and General Walerian Czuma -Commander of the Polish Garrison of Warsaw in 1939.