Memorial Relocation & Renovation


Memorial Relocation

Exhumation has recently gained popularity, as we have seen more families looking to relocate the memorial of their loved ones. As travel culture increases and migration becomes a common choice for individuals and families, there is more motivation to remain close to our loved one’s resting place.

Rowland Brothers Exhumations are able to relocate the memorial of a deceased to a more fitting place. Whether you would like to relocate their memorial to a new space in the same cemetery, a cemetery in another county or an unmarked cemetery, we work with you to assist in the relocation of you loved one.

Memorial relocation may be chosen because:

  • You have migrated to another country far away from the original burial place of a loved one
  • You would like your loved one to be reburied with a partner or spouse
  • There may be a more fitting burial place in a significant location or closer to other deceased relatives

Our international branch, Rowland Brothers International, can provide the repatriation of exhumed bodies, to the country of your choice.

We help you understand all options when considering an exhumation and the relocation of a memorial. We advise that it is important to plan your exhumation license application well in advance, ensuring all details are included to give you the best opportunity for you application to be accepted.

Memorial Renovation

Rowland Brothers are also able to restore existing memorials to a high standard. We can provide regular maintenance for the final resting place of friends, family, and loved ones.

The memorial renovation services we offer include:

  • Cleaning
  • Re-painting and re-gilding of the existing inscription
  • Re-cutting & lead filling of letters
  • Re-fixing to the current industry standard
  • New foundations
  • New glass or stone chippings
  • Additional inscriptions
  • Altering and extending memorials

If you’d be interested in our memorial refurbishment services, get in touch for further information.

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