Cemetery Rationalisation

Our cemetery rationalisation service includes:

  • Extending 1-2 interment grave plots for 2 further interments
  • ‘Lift and lower’, extending a plot when there are no new plots available near family members, or when the cost of a new plot has become prohibitive
  • Same day plot extension and new burial arrangements

The Ministry of Justice co-operation has agreed to provide ‘express’ issue of the MOJ Licence to Exhume (provided no objections are encountered).

Grave plot extension

Most Cemeteries provide burial plots for a set number of interments – 1, 2, 3 or maybe 4. Such burials are usually ‘Above & Below’ rather than ‘Side by Side. Our cemetery rationalisation service is available for entire cemeteries and individual graves, to help create more space efficiency.

Complete section clearance

Working under the provisions of the MOJ Archaeological Licence System (Disused Burial Grounds Act – Amendment 1981) entire sections
of unattended cemeteries may be exhumed en-masse.

With provision for re-interment elsewhere, Rowland Brothers offer Cemetery Rationalisation enabling areas currently unvisited to be returned to use.