Mass Exhumation

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Any large construction project, particularly those dealing with big city infrastructure, has every chance of unearthing ancient or, maybe not so ancient, burials and human remains.

Since 1990 Project Managers have co-operated with Archaeologist’s, Heritage organisations and Funeral Directors in observing PPG16 (Planning Policy Guidance16: Archaeology and Planning). The construction companies have a duty of care over the deceased encountered during works, as do the funeral staff and Archaeologists. The Archaeology takes precedence and is now a required lead into any development encountering or even expecting to encounter artifacts of any historical or cultural interest.

Experts in Mass Exhumation

Rowland Brothers work with some of the foremost archaeological organisations in the UK and have even undertaken specially commissioned training from Oxford Archaeology, in order to smooth the working relationship on site.

All team members hold CSCS ‘Green Cards’ and have extensive experience of working with the construction industry on projects such as King Square Estate.

Since 2016 RBE have worked in partnership with Surrey-based Associated Construction Projects Ltd, in order to provide full site security, H&S & plant operations for private projects not headed by construction companies. We set up discreetly on site and work closely with the local Environmental Health Authority to ensure that all regulations are observed.

We can now provide services beyond those of a normal Funeral Home, providing a full service for any small to medium size project encountering human remains.

Our mass exhumation service includes:

  • Construction Project Management & CDM Compliance
  • Structural & Civil Engineering Services
  • Health & Safety Consultancy
  • Soil Investigation & Ground Reports
  • Underpinning & drainage
  • Demolition and construction service
  • Piling & stabilisation consultancy
  • Site Clearance and Preparation
  • Land Drainage
  • NHBC & Construction Line Members
  • Accreditations CHAS / Acclaim

For more information on mass exhumations, contact us.

Ground Survey

As part of services offered for mass exhumation & cemetery rationalisation, we offer a Ground Penetrating Radar service, in partnership with an experienced Semiologist. This service can be conducted independently of any overall commitment and will provide a more accurate understanding of the scope of works required.

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