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Rowland Brothers Exhumations have many partners and work alongside industry experts to deliver the best service. These are some useful links to help you locate additional information on an exhumation licence, international repatriation, a funeral or memorial, bereavement support or even a pre paid funeral plan. Rowland Brothers Exhumations can help you find the information you need, or contact one of these services for further support.

Questions and Answers about Exhuming Human Remains

Funeral directors, undertakers & memorial stonemasons: Croydon

International Repatriation Services Worldwide

An independent Trade Association with the broadest membership within the funeral profession

  • Golden Leaves Funeral Plans

Golden Leaves has been at the forefront of pre-paid  funeral plans  for over 25 years

  • The Ultimate Green Funeral Plan

The UK’s first nationwide environmentally-friendly pre-paid funeral plan

  • The Bereavement Services Portal

Advice, guidance and information portal