Cryogenic Freezing

A close up image of ice.

Rowland Brothers Exhumations are experts in assisting with cryogenic freezing.  We work alongside Cryonics Institute, Alcor and Cryonics UK to assist with the cryogenic freezing and preservation of individuals.

What is cryogenic freezing? 

Cryonics involves freezing a person’s body after they have passed away. It is frozen by replacing the blood in the body with a substance that prevents the body’s organs and cells from freezing and developing ice within them. The body is then held at a temperature lower than -120 degrees to ensure preservation without freezing.

Currently, the United States of America and Russia are the only two countries with the facility to store cryogenically frozen bodies. Therefore, when someone is cryogenically frozen in the UK, they must be repatriated to either the US or Russia to be preserved.

How much does cryogenic freezing cost? 

For further information on cryonics and our services to assist with the process contact us.

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