Single Exhumation

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Rowland Brothers Exhumations have over 40 years of experience arranging and delivering exhumations. Our extended knowledge and partnerships have been growing since 1971 and are a large part of our single exhumation service.

In 1971 we carried our first exhumation. We were appointed to exhume a French Countess from a London cemetery and repatriate her to France, where she was buried in the private chapel of her chateau. Since then, we have organised many exhumations to and from the UK and countries around the world.

Respectful and Efficient Exhumation Services

We ensure that exhumations are completed efficiently and respectfully. There are numerous reasons for a single exhumation application, for example, to exhume the remains of someone that may have been buried in the wrong grave, burial when the will requested cremation, or burial in another country because political circumstances made it impossible to return home when the person died.

Our single exhumation service is also available to assist within police work, extend graves, exhume families to be buried together and facilitate the repatriation of a deceased to the UK or abroad.Rowland Brothers is experienced in ensuring that exhumations are completed thoroughly and respectfully.

Our service is fully compliant with public liability requirements, and our fully trained and equipped team follow the established heath and safety policies to maintain our professionalism and reputation.

For information on our single exhumation service, contact us.

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