DNA Testing

A laboratory assistant looking in a microscope for DNA testing.

In partnership with the UK’s leading testing & sequencing service, Cellmark, Rowland Brothers Exhumation Services offer a complete exhumation/DNA Testing service.

DNA testing services assist with the identification of the deceased, forensic post mortem examination and paternity disputes. Rowland Brothers Exhumations works with a Ministry of Justice accredited company, Cellmark, to help identify the deceased and deliver further DNA services for exhumed bodies.

Exhumation is sometimes required for forensic analysis, if there was an incorrect identification of a corpse, incomplete toxicological studies, trace evidence missed or incomplete or improper wound analysis. Rowland Brothers Exhumations works closely with coroners to assist when exhumation is required.

If a family requires exhumation for DNA testing, we can offer advice on the practicality and legality of the exhumation process, as well as providing support to complete the exhumation application.

How must does it cost to Exhume a Body for DNA Testing?

DNA testing will usually come after a single exhumation. For further information on this service, visit our single exhumations page, or contact us for more information.

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