In July 2004 I left London early, wishing to be in Wrexham in time for the cremation service. Months earlier I had the honour of being tasked, by Warsaw City Council, with bringing the hero Czuma brothers home.

Czuma one of the two brothers I was responsible for bringing home a hero, was a prisoner of the Nazis for nearly six years until, in early 1945, the Americans liberated OflagVllA, Murnau.

On Thursday the 28th September 1939, following more than two weeks of German air assault and siege, General Walerian Czuma, Garrison Commander of the Polish forces in Warsaw, accepted defeat. He had led 180,000 of his most courageous, comrades from Warsaw’s shattered garrison and into German captivity.

However, once free, the Czuma brothers had had their Polish nationally revoked and joined the millions of others displaced with no home to go to.


Find out more about the repatriation of the Czuma Brothers. Download the PDF:

Czuma Brothers Return