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‘Unknown Male’ of Whitehaven.

By Michael.A.Gill. Special Projects Manager. One morning, in the winter of 1986, the body of a middle-aged man was found on the beach near Whitehaven in Cumbria. A sad but not necessarily unique occurrence. The tides in this part of the Irish Sea collude to bring anything that floats to this particular point, and this [...]

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Colquhoun Chapel Restoration

In 2019 Woking Borough Council, owners of Brookwood Cemetery in Surrey, began the restoration of the Colquhoun family chapel & crypt. This involved the exhumation of ten Lead coffins from the crypt, re-coffining and eventual re-interment. Rowland Brothers Exhumation Services Ltd were tasked with this part of the restoration. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ai1O5JJp7uM Almost hidden from view, the [...]

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COVID-19 Notice

At Rowland Brothers, we recognise that amid this pandemic, we all have fears and concerns for the safety of our families and loved ones. Unfortunately, death and grief do not pause during a crisis. For over 145 years, Rowland Brothers has been taking care of members of this community and we stand ready to help [...]

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Tony Rowland Awarded MBE For Services To The Community

This year’s New Year’s Honours list, announced today, includes a name well known in the world of funerals, and to many residents of Croydon and the surrounding districts. Tony Rowland, who lives in South Croydon, is director of Rowland Brothers Limited, based in Whitehorse Road, West Croydon, and with branches throughout the area, and is [...]

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Project Te Auraki – Exhumation and Repatriation of NZDF Personell

Rowland Brothers Exhumation Services Ltd have been working with the Royal New Zealand Navy & the New Zealand High Commission in London for over a year, arranging & conducting the exhumation & repatriation of Philip Short & assisting with the exhumation & repatriation of Leading Marine Engineer Goodman. The Maori name for this project is [...]

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Insight Into Exhumation

Church Councillors planning developments within the burial grounds will expect to have to deal with exhumation as part of the project. Project Managers on un-consecrated ground may not. Either way, should it happen, someone has to deal with it. Which is where Rowland Brothers Exhumation Services come in. In October 2014 the six members [...]

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Czuma Brothers Return

In July 2004 I left London early, wishing to be in Wrexham in time for the cremation service. Months earlier I had the honour of being tasked, by Warsaw City Council, with bringing the hero Czuma brothers home. Czuma one of the two brothers I was responsible for bringing home a hero, was a prisoner of [...]

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