Church Councillors planning developments within the burial grounds will expect to have to deal with exhumation as part of the project. Project Managers on un-consecrated ground may not. Either way, should it happen, someone has to deal with it. Which is where Rowland Brothers Exhumation Services come in.

In October 2014 the six members of Rowlands who make up the two exhumation teams visited Oxford Archaeology for an intense course on Osteoarchaeology.

A group image of the Rb exhumations team.

Gain an insight into exhumation and the exhumation services we offer at Rowland Brothers Exhumations. As the need for burial plots and additional cemetery space grows, we look at how this is changing with the help of exhumations.

Find out more in our downloadable pdf ‘Insight into Exhumation‘.

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Insight Into Exhumation