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Insight Into Exhumation

Church Councillors planning developments within the burial grounds will expect to have to deal with exhumation as part of the project. Project Managers on un-consecrated ground may not. Either way, should it happen, someone has to deal with it. Which is where Rowland Brothers Exhumation Services come in. In October 2014 the six members [...]

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Czuma Brothers Return

In July 2004 I left London early, wishing to be in Wrexham in time for the cremation service. Months earlier I had the honour of being tasked, by Warsaw City Council, with bringing the hero Czuma brothers home. Czuma one of the two brothers I was responsible for bringing home a hero, was a prisoner of [...]

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WW2 Hero Major Sporny Repatriated Home

On Monday 30th December 1940 Flying Officer Kazimierz Sporny stood before his squadrons Intelligence Officer and claimed a BF109. It was a personal landmark for the young airman, his first confirmed ‘Kill’ flying with the RAF in England and his first concrete piece of retribution for the Germans who had invaded & occupied his homeland [...]

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Highgate Cemetery & ‘Lift & Lower’

A few weeks before Christmas, at the start of what now appears to be Britain’s Monsoon Season, I accepted a kind and much sought after invitation from Justin Bickersteth of the ‘Friends of Highgate Cemetery Trust’- a guided tour of the famous West Cemetery. This film-set perfect vision of the Victorian obsession with death and [...]

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Cryonics In Europe

Cryonics (from Greek κρύος 'kryos-' meaning 'icy cold') is the low-temperature preservation of animals (including humans) who cannot be sustained by contemporary medicine, with the hope that healing and resuscitation may be possible in the future. -Wikipedia   Not many Funeral Directors, I would say, take Cryonics at all seriously. Maybe because it’s an ‘American Thing’. Pie in the [...]

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Private Land Burial

Personal view by Funeral Director, Michael Gill. So, according to Emma Lewell-Buck MP, funerals are now so expensive people are being forced to bury their deceased in their own back garden, and I, as a Funeral Director of thirty years standing should, presumably, be preparing our company for more home burials than even we have [...]

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